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Watch the Square Enix E3 conference in 12 minutes

SE3 fears reveal that they are incorporating a new Marvel game, a closer look Life is Strange: Colors True and Final Fantasy information. If you missed the event, we have posted an ad in the 11-minute video for you to enjoy.

Hurry to Eidos-Montréal’s Guardians of the Way – a studio-led event in the background Deus Exit: Human Change and its aftermath People Are Divided – which looks like a major departure from Avenger’s frustrating SE game.

We will also help download Life is Strange: Colors True, another chapter that shows a dramatic change from the past. The new series, which features a series of high-performance electronic games, is in full swing. The new E3 caravan lays the foundation for the anticipated secrets that will be introduced to small town developers, including rival Alex Chen, a talented artist. high empath.

The preview of Final Fantasy, meanwhile, also included a plethora of permissive slavery the first six games, and the first complete title is called The Most Infamous Stranger of Paradise. The final show has already been released on PS5, giving players the first taste of its brutal and dark game.

Finally, Square Enix re-used its E3 method to explain its third game, The fall of Babylon. The long-awaited Platinum Games title plays four players making various prisons. You create shapes and make them with various objects, moves, and weapons when you fight against enemies and boss fights.

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