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Mayflower AI marine pilot to test transatlantic river travel | Science and Technology Issues

A ship called Mayflower is planning to cross the Atlantic Ocean this week, but will not be carrying English tourists – or people – at all.

When the Mayflower Autonomous Ship spacecraft leaves Plymouth, England to test the world’s first transatlantic voyage, it will have a well-trained “captain” and a “sailor” who is well-versed in maritime collision, all driven by artificial intelligence (AI). ).

The AI ​​pilot was developed by IBM and is led by experts whose codes are widely used by the financial team. This technology will one day help sailors to navigate with ease and help cheaper ocean surveys that affect 70% of the world.

On its two-week voyage, the Mayflower pilot will fly through the Isles of Scilly and pass the lost Titanic to Plymouth, Massachusetts, as settlers on the first Mayflower did more than 400 years ago.

The new shiny vessel, however, will carry the experiments on behalf of the people, and it has a lot of testing space because it was designed without a dormitory, galley or bathroom.

Up to 700kg tests can be installed in power chambers which are encouraged by the design of the shuttle charge area.

“Right now, it’s very crowded,” Brett Phaneuf, director of MSubs, who made Mayflower’s nonprofit Promare with his partner IBM, told attendees at a May Xponential conference hosted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).

Science is on the rise

There are additional companies, individuals and universities that have provided experimental expertise and data collection tools, Phaneuf said.

As a result, Mayflower will be able to study ocean currents, measure wavelengths and collect water samples to be tested on a regular basis throughout its voyage.

Although Mayflower will not take part in the voyage, the pilot (AI) system allows them to change on their own if, if a scientific experiment finds something worthwhile to investigate [Credit: Tom Barnes for IBM/ProMare]

Mayflower will also create pollution samples and record water. There will be a holographic microscope analyzing water samples of microplastics – 5mm or less plastic pieces that damage marine life.

To find out how it is produced in water, one of the experiments “tasted” the water in an initial attempt to obtain a fake wine and whiskey.

“You can put a ‘tongue’ in the water and it will help you monitor the flow of water,” Lenny Bromberg, IBM’s director of automation, intelligence and intelligence management, told Al Jazeera.

Mayflower will also use hydrophones to listen to mules.

IBM, working with the Jupiter Research Foundation and the University of Plymouth, has developed species of whales and other wildlife found in the North Atlantic. With these species, says Phaneuf, “we can determine the species and species” as well as their habitat and habitat.

Trying on a wheel

Although Mayflower will not take part in the voyage, the ship’s AI systems allow them to change on their own if, if a scientific experiment finds something that needs to be re-investigated.

Don Scott, one of the leading experts on the Mayflower project, said the AI ​​chief should be able to improve as much as possible, “which is the most important thing that sets this apart from other platforms”.

“Scientific experiments don’t just go to Mayflower,” Scott, chief of technology at Marine AI, told Al Jazeera.

To get there, IBM has been using visual effects and images of what Mayflower would know at sea to train AI chief Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM UK and the chief technology officer in Ireland, told Xponential audiences.

If there is something to be disturbed or, heaven forbid, an accident, we can say, ‘Why did you choose?’ And it clearly explains why he made that decision.

Andy Stanford-Clark, chief technology officer of IBM UK and Ireland

Using digital simulations – sea-type twins – the researchers threw the images in front of AI’s surveillance cameras to teach what to do at different times.

“That’s where our training ground is [is] giving us the confidence that an AI senior will do the right thing in the face of unprecedented experiences, ”Stanford-Clark said at the conference.

The Mayflower AI controller can now access information from the ship’s camera in addition to its radar, IBM weather forecasts as well as offshore maps and telemetry propelled by ships through their precise channels.

The AI ​​controller is installing the components, as well as other components such as the train’s battery, wind speed and control “to be a source of great hope,” said Stanford-Clark.

The plan brings the answer, he said, and given the obstacles, they decided “What is the next thing you can do? Where are you going, where are you going and where are you going?”

Making mitigation decisions

But the AI ​​decision-making process cannot be fully understood and navigation is a well-managed process where understanding how concepts are formed is important – which is why the team continued.

It also added IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) – a legally regulated system with a history in the financial sector that Stanford-Clark said was “very good at drafting legislation”.

The team fed ODM rules from the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) to determine maritime law.

Scientific testing isn’t just about walking on Mayflower.

Don Scott, technical director of AI

And because ODM is law-abiding, “it has enough meaning”, says Stanford-Clark, and is able to provide “critical research into its decisions”.

“If there is anything that needs to be changed or, heaven forbid, an accident, we can say, ‘Why did you choose?’ And it clearly explains why he made the decision, “he said.

It is a masterpiece of Larry Mayer, a professor and director of the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping at the University of New Hampshire and one of the programs is leading the work of Seabed 2030.

“These are big and difficult things,” Mayer told Al Jazeera. “I think we will all be very keen to see how it works, and I really hope it works well.”

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