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The OBS promotional program enhances NVIDIA’s professional technical support

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an important tool for many readers on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. A useful tool for raising the voices of their streams has arrived, with the help of .

The story (formerly known as RTX Voice) is available in beta at OBS Studio 27 now. Unlocking AI sound support in OBS requires a few steps, but it should not take you long. You will also need an NVIDIA Broadcast Audio Effects SDK and a driver ready for the game.

Like NVIDIA , you need to “right-click on your audio in Audio Mixer, select ‘Filters,’ click on ‘+’ on the left hand side of the New window, select ‘Noise Suppression’ filter, enter a name, click new filters in the list, add ‘Options’, select ‘NVIDIA Noise Removal,’ be strong enough to copy your output, then close the Filters window. NVIDIA Noise Removal is now working. “Easy once you know it.

Integration makes it a little easier to reduce unnecessary noise from things like typing and mic static when you’re on the go, because you don’t have to use another program to run it. You can use the tool along with your other preferences in the OBS stream. Perhaps setting up this session will be a little easier when OBS is more organized.

The driver preparing for the latest NVIDIA game includes a number of other features, such as ray and DLSS support because Corruption Coalition and another preparation for . It also adds support for G-SYNC-related signals, inclusive .

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