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Gucci made the Xbox Series X one hundredth

Adidas is not the only outfit that allows Microsoft to celebrate Xbox 20 years. Italian fashion house Gucci partnered with the company to release a which costs about $ 10,000. The package includes a connector, two wireless controllers and a high-end wallet. Oh, come back with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, if you are worried.

As you can imagine, this package is a branding project. Touch signature here is the only console. Gucci fitted it with a laser with its Rhombi design. In the article, it is said that it is a visual drama with a picture pointing to all the beginnings of Guccio Gucci and an acronym for “Good Game.” Good player, Gucci. The integrated carrier has provided space for all controllers with the Xbox Series X, so your game setup can come with you on your next trip.

Gucci plans to sell only 100 parts of the package through its well-known stores. Available from November 17th.

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