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12 Marvel TV Series Disney + Releases: Agatha, Spider-Man, X-Men

Wanda, Carol, Sam, Loki, and Natasha posed for pictures with the Marvel logo in front of them.

Some familiar faces look back tthe new Disney + Mbill banner.
Picture: Disney +

When Marvel Studios has a story, it usually doesn’t just have a bit of a twist. They like to press you with it a flood of things, which makes it difficult to fix them all. For Phase 3, that performed at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA. For Section 4, located in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con. Today, on Disney Day +, it was a huge Twitter thread and special promotion revealing more new and old on what Marvel has come to Disney +.

It was truly enlightening, and here you can see all the glitter and new the official logos. We had so much in the series that we knew it was coming Moon Knight and Yes-Hulk, and confirmed the alleged demonstrations as coming Echo and Agatha HarknessWandaVision sprout, plus a few new ones like Spider-Man: New Year. Let’s see!

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