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Greece punishes older people who have not been vaccinated with a monthly fee | Coronavirus Plague News

People over the age of 60 in southern Europe are fined 100 euros a month if they refuse to respond to COVID.

Greece has enacted a law to vaccinate people over the age of 60, as treatment is still low on a European Union level as the recent risk of disease compels hospitals.

Older people who fail to receive the vaccine will receive penalties, starting with a 50-euro ($ 57) fine in January and followed by a fine of 100 euros ($ 114) a month later.

About two-thirds of 10.7 million Greek people are fully vaccinated – the EU population is over 70 percent.

The risk of death and daily hospitalization has increased after the recent outbreak of the disease Omicron range, although ICU pressure has dropped slightly.

Health Ministry Thanos Plevris said the fines would be collected through the tax office and the money that would be used to fund government hospitals.

“Age is important because of the impact of health care work,” Plevris told Open TV privately on Sunday.

The vaccine order was issued to health workers last year. As of February 1, adult vaccination certificates expire after seven months unless the owner receives a positive shot.

New infections have grown significantly in early January and have declined last week.

The status of more than 60 people was announced by the end of December and, according to government estimates, about 41.5 percent of the expected 530,000 people now have adequate immunizations.

Greece ranks 7th among the world’s oldest, according to the population aged 65 and over, according to the US-based Population Reference Bureau.

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