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Great power is uninteresting (and stupid) | Joe Biden

After the United States and Russia leaders concluded their summit on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin assured the Canadian journalist that such meetings were aimed at saving the world from a nuclear holocaust, and finding solutions to economic, climate, and medical crises. President Joe Biden, too, has told reporters that there are no foreign secrets, which only affect relationships, of humanity.

All of this seemed ridiculous, if not dangerous, considering that the two men who wanted to save the world could not find themselves on their own after a three-hour press conference to reassure their people, and the rest of the international community, of their good intentions.

It was not that their first face-to-face meeting had not made the world safer or better; but like the old brats, they take swamps from each other’s countries, using distractions and vicious arguments.

In other words, the conference did not end anything; there are no major security threats around the world, whether by cyber or other means. And even though Biden and Putin agreed to start a more detailed discussion, it would not be considered a resumption or “reorganization”.

And since this was a foregleam of the upcoming US-China summit, there is little to celebrate and much to consider as Biden’s administration tightens U.S. responsibilities and changes negotiations to keep its competitors safe. Biden will no doubt follow a similar approach by joining China’s Xi Jinping and hopes to be with Beijing before it becomes world leader.

Obviously, powerful global politics are not about the actions of leaders; looking at each other, the explorer to save the world.

Obviously, the end of these conventions does not guarantee a peaceful, prosperous and clean world without nuclear weapons.

And frankly, the consequences are far greater and far more serious and are the result of global and private security.

But the idea behind the power to overcome the problem is simple – it is a powerful idea. Whether human rights are for democracy, or for governance and international law, only power. And this also applies to democratic and oppressive governments alike.

That doesn’t mean, I don’t see the difference between democratic governments and oppressive regimes, I say, and I like it very much.

When it comes to foreign policy, some democracies have not been more oppressive or aggressive in their external views than their dictatorial regimes. Colonial is just one example. In the case of authoritarian regimes, some, such as China, have provided more wealth to their people, especially the poor, than most democracies.

For centuries, the superpowers, in spite of their nationalities and affiliations, rallied around the false pretense, but ultimately brought about global security.

Their attempt to control territories and continents to curb some of the power to do so has devastated the lives and lives of countless millions of people around the world.

And for the second half of the 20th century, their rivalry turned into a nuclear holocaust, destroying the entire world, Mutual Assured Destruction.

MAD, true.

In short, even if they claim to be good, enlightenment, freedom, development, even the complete liberation of the people; whether they preach democracy and human rights, or advocate for international law and international order, world powers have led the world into more dangerous wars and more destructive wars.

As firefighters, they repeatedly try to extinguish the flames with a large amount of fire, burning whatever it may touch.

And, as Biden pointed out, there is no secret about why and how he does it – not rocket science.

However, even though they look different, they are not a personal business but a black business. When you avoid major wake-up calls from governments, everything is in order.

Here is my simple version of this complicated image.

Life in a politically dominated world is like life in a crisis, where a few bullies take advantage of the lack of control in the streets. This is geopolitics.

They continue to use weapons and armor to further their influence and to outperform the other troublemakers around the area. The beautiful word about this is “real events”.

If they accept part of the community as part of the campaign; then “real security”.

Expand your stance to take on threats that you can use all available methods and techniques. Showing others how self-centered is dangerous.

Some threaten or use weak neighbors, giving them protection by obeying loyalty and support, others may use carrots rather than sticks to attract help; These are customer-customer relationships that come in handy to gain control of large parts of the world.

When one bully sleeps poorly, the other can avoid getting into fights by beating a third party to death; it is called “passing the buck”. For the past two decades, be careful not to upset Washington, Beijing has given money to Moscow, leaving it to face 9/11 violence in America.

But when a troublemaker joins another to fight a third party, it is “band-wagoning”. In this way, European powers have merged with the US and distant Russia could have merged with China, as it competes for world domination in the 21st century.

They are all repeating what their leaders did for centuries to unravel: a struggle for power and authority regardless of world value.

And based on the performance at home meetings this week, Biden and Putin do not seem to have learned much from the mistakes of those who led them.

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