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Snapchat is removing its high-speed filter in the middle of nowhere

removes the runner-up filter in its program. The filter, which Snapchat launched in 2013, allows users to share their instant access. Defense forces say they encourage reckless driving.

“Nothing is more important than the security of our Snapchat community, and in the past we have blocked filters by speeding up the process,” a spokesman for Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, told Engadget. “Today the sticker is not used by Snapchatters, and based on this, we are removing it completely.”

The prophet said , which first mentioned the move, that the filter is used by a few thousand a day. That’s just a small fraction of the five to five billion that are shared with the program each day.

Moving time raises some eyebrows. The filter has been linked to a number of car accidents over the years, including fatal crashes. The parents of three teenagers who died in the Wisconsin crash in 2017 have filed a lawsuit as opposed to Snap. Shortly before the accident, one of the boys posted a photo using a speed filter, such as he realized.

Last month, the appellate court allowed the case to continue, The image was not protected from exposure of the Communications Decency Act 1996. These rules protect internet companies from being held accountable for what users send. Snap says the filters did not cause any accidents, and this week to clear the charge.

Before removing the running filter, Snap did a number of things. The filter was changed to a sticker to make it more compact and “Do not hit and run” appears every time someone uses it. A few months before deciding to get rid of the sticker, Snap reduced the maximum speed it could catch and share 35MPH.

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