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The real deal is the beginning, but the US needs to make Putin Pay

Even though the red lines are being raised, the reality is that disrupting previous elections in the US has been very cheap for the Russian government. Internet Research Agency with government support, to provide a single image, to destroy Just $ 46,000 on Facebook pages before the 2016 Election Day he arrived The American population is 126 million. Its entire budget around September 2016, at the US Justice department documents, was more than $ 1.25 million a month — not much for a billionaire oligarch with Putin’s hand trying to sow discord in US elections, especially compared to hundreds of millions to destroy and candidates. Such tactics follow the history of Russian security agencies and various future agencies using “necessary means” to operate secretly, in close proximity to weapons to resolve divisions and promote the ambitions of the leaders. The Internet has become much cheaper than ever.

Washington has done little to respond. Many American ambassadors, lawmakers, and spies have publicly criticized the election campaign under the Trump administration, although in many cases, Trump may oppose and attack them. US he cried establishment many sanctions on the Russian government – including recent additions from the Biden administration – which many conflict at least communication to the Kremlin to disrupt elections in response to the US. But showing dissatisfaction is not the same as making a job too cheap or difficult to do.

U.S. technology has not significantly changed its types of businesses and websites to protect Russia’s (low-cost) industries from spreading lies. While these companies point out the costs incurred in the fight against power, however, in many ways, they are waging war on their own systems designed to engage in microtargeting. Remember, for example, how the Russian performance worked work Facebook advertising works just as well as it did in 2016 and 2018. And the actors are moving on the fray, change their ways to still run on the same platform.

On the other hand, benefits have been well-received in Moscow: public awareness campaigns that were conducted without a hitch, publicity in the US over the Russian election crisis, and oil pressures on Putin’s image. Not to mention that the Kremlin already sees itself fighting the West. Obviously, there are media outlets in the media – for example, claiming that US media platforms are destructive weapons – but they also reflect the Kremlin’s true faith in the United States and the global internet. The Kremlin’s beneficial decisions follow here.

Some things have changed; American journalists may be less by writing down the things that were chosen and revealed to the Democratic National Committee in 2016, he now knows the ways in which he has become accustomed making fraud. Biden also volunteered to discuss cyber security with his Russian counterparts, an important part of the current dialogue that has been criticized by Trump officials.

Going forward, a slight reduction in risks or constraints that appear to be “shortcomings” will be an important part of ground security negotiations. Biden’s own visit, as well as public outcry against electoral fraud, reaffirms the White House’s focus on dialogue between its allies and US allies – another benefit of the conference. Even if Putin’s confusing calculations change for the better, the same old US answers are not enough.

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