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Google Nest sleep well includes meditation

For Google Following the sleep of the Nest Hub has left something he would like to set up, but it is about to do well – plus a sleep aid kit soon. The company is making a number of updates to sleep on the Nest screen which includes a series of “Calm Stories Sleep Stories”. By December, you can ask Google to “start meditating” and your smart show will call for voice reduction. You can get several tracks for free, but you can open the entire library if you have a Calm Premium membership.

Some modifications offer more on the same track. The second-generation Nest Hub now offers a wide range of sleeping quarters, to determine the amount of time you spend in deep, light sleep or REM sleep. You will also find out how much distraction it took. Hub voice recognition now simply looks at the chest and fist within the space you have chosen, to determine the amount of friend (or peer noise) that is affecting you at your breath. All sounds across this area are placed in the “other words” section.

The following features are starting to reach readers today. Should be available to all users worldwide “in the next few weeks.”

Be prepared to start paying for sleeping expenses, though. As mentioned earlier, Google is planning to fold this Sleep in Fitbit Premium from 2023. It is not known what you will pay for the launch (Fitbit Premium is currently $ 80 per year), but Google wants to make a profit from its features. Nest Hubs continue to sell first equipment.

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