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Virgin Galactic has sold 100 tickets to venues since airline prices rose to $ 450,000.

reopened ticket sales for its trips to the edge of space at a high price back in August, and the company says it has sold 100 tickets for $ 450,000 so far. He bought it for $ 250,000 each.

All, , including , has reserved a place for the Virgin Galactic voyage. The company hopes to sell 1,000 tickets before the start of the tour, which has been delayed () ku . Monga notes, Virgin Galactic has so far only allowed people who returned $ 1,000 to buy tickets. The company plans to allow more people to reserve space from early 2022.

The first visit of the Virgin Galactic and founder Richard Branson in court, nine days before Jeff Bezos arrived at the end of the space. . Unity 23, the next Virgin Galactic aircraft, will not depart until mid-2022. The aircraft will carry three Italian Air Force payers who will .

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