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RE: WIRED 2021: Jony Ive on iPod, Wearables, and LoveFrom’s Future

After 27 years and apple, Sir Jony Ive decided to start something new. The well-known code recorder for things like iPod, iMac, iPhone, MacBook, and iPad seems to have found a split vision soon. With one eye looking at the past, he is also looking at the future with interest, trying to gather how the first person can know the future. Of course, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology, who works in companies that specialize in everything he does, he can have a little finger.

This year RE: WRED Conference, Ive told a story of her own, the head of Condé Nast’s story and the world’s chief editor. Vogue, Anna Wintour. The discussion ranged from the future of clothing to the power of calm and the growing interest in Steve Jobs.

A Logical Reason

It is hard to believe, but it has been 20 years The first iPod was revealed. In the modern world of 5G smartphones that download music to wireless ears, it’s easy to forget how confusing this little device was, to the world and to Apple as a company. “Until that time Apple developed common computer hardware,” Ive recalled in a news release on Tuesday. “And one of the great things about computer technology was its ability to have a wide range of purpose. And I think the iPod actually written was the beginning of making things with very special tools. ”

The focus was on making the iPod, from a standard laser beam to clear plastic, as well as ear color. There were distractions and rejection of the idea of ​​white headphones at the time, people were wondering why you would want to attract attention which was a plus. But it was all part of Apple’s vision. It was the only part of the device that people could see when the iPod was used, and the bright white strings completely transformed every user of the new life advertisement Apple was selling.

Together with fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Ive was able to achieve the climbing goal: to create a design that looks good so that it doesn’t need a company name or logo in front of it. Releasing consumer technology without such a mark was unheard of at the time, but gambling was successful. Hundreds of millions of iPods were sold, and with the addition of the iTunes Music Store, the device changed the way people shop, listen to, and hear music.

Ive says the iPod was, in a sense, Apple’s first device for professional wear. As for where the clothes are going, Ive thinks that the technology will just continue to be human. “There is no doubt … that some of these things are missing under our skin,” he told Wintour. “I can’t think of more personal, real, personal, and emotional than what is inside of us.” He has not indicated that he, personally, is working on such a device, but one should wonder what ideas he could have.

Life Education

This fall was another great, but very sad year, in memory of Ive. October 5 was identified 10 years since the death of his friend and close friend Steve Jobs. While Ive remembers all her time with Jobs, she remembers him less for her achievements and more for her character and priorities. “There was this joy, a wonderful celebration,” Ive recalls about Jobs. “Even surprise means he was wrong. He was more interested in learning than in telling the truth.”

Ive has realized over the past decade that, although many people think that interest is something you can be born with, it is something that needs to be developed, and it requires determination. Some of the memories of his most rewarding time with Steve Jobs were when they walked together without saying much, but thinking about each other. “Almost always, in my experience, the most powerful emotions are found quietly, and they are fragile. And they need to be cared for carefully and respectfully in order to be strong.”

Social Type

Two years ago, I left Apple as its chief architect to launch an independent company called LoveFrom, along with industrial producer Marc Newson. The company is made up of various production teams, builders, mathematicians, and more, and the team works with companies including Apple, Airbnb, Amazon Collective, Montcler, and Ferrari. LoveFrom’s goal is not only to push design in the future, but also to try to find smart ways that can help solve this problem. the problem of climate change.

Interestingly, the original LoveFrom product has already been released. It is a genre called the LoveFrom Serif, and is derived from another work written by John Baskerville who is over 200 years old. The team researched and redesigned all fonts, and now has more than 7,000 different fonts in different colors that can be used in modern designs. Ive thinks it is a good example of his philosophy of honoring the past and looking to the future. It is a form characterized by a distinction between metal tools, which are as physical as they are made, and the digital world of the window-shaped form that is simple and flexible.

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