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Google has recently banned its CES 2022 plans

Follow-up Lenovo and Intel, Google has recently announced that it will not be present at CES 2022. “After careful consideration we decided not to participate in the CES 2022 exhibition. , “the company said. TechCrunch results.

In the middle of Thursday, it seemed like a long time ago Google would choose to limit its presence on the event. Earlier, a brother from Alphabet Waymo announced that he had decided not to attend a trade show. Google’s removal is well-known for its growth in industry and the amount of money it has invested in the program in recent years.

As it stands, the Consumer Technology Association, an organization that co-sponsors CES each year, is still planning to move forward with the show. “CES 2022 will be before January 5-8 in Las Vegas with strong security measures, and our digital opportunities are also available to people who do not want, or cannot afford to go to Las Vegas,” the spokesman said. because the CTA told Engadget. “Our job is still to recruit these companies and give those who can’t afford it the opportunity to experience the magic of CES digital.”

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