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Getting Over Hiatus Until February 10

Michael Burnham directs part of a holographic tree sculpture on a photo from Star Trek: Discovery.

Michael Burnham looks at his future Google calendar.
Picture: Very +

Back when Star Trek: Find was still new Star Trek show around, the actor Alex Kurtzman had a bright eye in his eyes about the upcoming season everything Star Trek, always. Now, there we are, and it seems that glitter can blind.

Paramount + has announced a sudden change in the release schedule Discover‘s is being released in the fourth season. The seventh phase of the season will begin again on Thursday next week, December 30, less than a month and a half before February 10. This move may also apply. Discover the fourth season was delayed in a worldwide release, after ViacomCBS made-up quickly u-lit– a contested election pull the list ‘free streaming countries from Netflix just days before the season kicks off.

This is not the first time that he has done so Discover has taken a mid-season break. The first season took the same amount of time for a month and a half between nine and 10 episodes, leaving fans on board the ship to drop into the Mirror Universe. But it is the first time for something new Star Trek that it could fill the gaps left by new ones Star Trek. For example, a child-focused (very strong) Star Trek Prodigy is expected to return several installments from January 6, meaning that when completed, Discover will return. And when that‘It’ s over, there has been a second season of Picard too!

Of course, there is a possibility almost too much Star Trek reasoning. I would say we need to rest to get it, but we are not really breathing, right? Star Trek: Find will return to Paramount + on February 10.

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