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Google Can Work To Find My Network Against Apple

An example of a Google article Can Cook Apple's Powerful Color & # 39;  Find My & # 39;  Android Network

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It is a release for Apple AirTags, we have all seen how my Find My Network company can help find items stored around our homes or lost in the world. Google apparently recognized it again and seems to be cooking up its own version of the Android hardware network.

In recent days, XDA makers performed an APK downloading the latest beta version of Google Play Services and realized what could happen on the Google “Find My Device” network. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. XDA developers have also received a detailed description of the Get My Device network.

“It allows your phone to help you access your own and other people’s devices,” he said.

As we have seen with the retailer, Google is the only company that can create a network of major tools like Apple Find My Network. Apple says close Apple’s 1 billion devices connected to find My. In the case of AirTags, when one of the two devices approaches AirTag, Find Me communicates with the owner of the AirTag in an anonymous and confidential manner.

Now, if Google wants to create a compatible network, XDA Developers is showing that it can use the Google Play Services app, which is almost anything for Android. Google Play Services is used to transfer apps and apps to Google from the Google Play store. In addition, Google says it the app offers functions such as authentication, compatible connectivity, access to the latest user privacy updates, as well as high-quality, start-up and low-level services.

This is not to say that Google has not given users a way to recover their lost tools. This is a file for Google App Find My Device in the Play Store, but the app only finds phones, tablets, or devices logged into your Google account. According to XDA Developers, if Google makes my Find My Tool network, this will give Android users the opportunity to help other users find their tools, just as Apple’s Find My network is currently doing.

This idea was seen in a recent beta of Google Play Services, so it’s not something you’ve done. We have to wait and see. However, just saying that Google works is a good thing for those of us who lose weapons. If the worst happens, we will have a chance to find them.

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