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Boba Fett Solo Show Finished Drawing!

Temuera Morrison in The Mandalorian

Temuera Morrison inside Destroyer
Figure: Disney +

Temuera Morrison (Aquamanand posed as Boba Fett and took part in Disney + shows Destroyer. Since then, the first season of Distracting sprout, Book of Boba Fett he cried making wrapped.

Games shared them while Morrison spoke to SFX Magazine, could not elaborate on the plot, but discussed how it would be to film the show of that time on Covid. “You walk around, you hear, ‘Skin! Skin down!’ That’s why we have to air those studios every 20 minutes. It’s called a purge, so you know you have time to rest in the toilet at that time. There’s a lot to shoot one day, but it’s healthy and security and essentials, they filter a lot, so to speak. ”

The first announcement of the Boba Fett series came Destroyer the second season, in which Fett was a major part of the narrative story. Book of Boba Fett will first appear on Disney + in December 2021, on the right kale Destroyer the first three seasons.

The full interview is in SFX magazine, which requires a subscription fee.

Are you enjoying the show ?! I know I am.

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