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Google Adds YouTube TV In Main YouTube App on Roku


YouTube's Illustration Finds a Very Small Place in Its War Against Roku

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Just a week after Roku released YouTube TV from his store for Continuous arguments by Google, it looks like YouTube has found a file for smart (if not very few) employees. Friday, YouTube he announced it can only be accessed on YouTube TV great The YouTube app, which is still.

As the company seeks to expand access to YouTube TV through YouTube app to “as many weapons” as possible “over time,” will reach Roku’s weapons “in the next few days,” according to a YouTube announcement. People who already had the YouTube TV program on their Roku devices before being illegally downloaded can still use it as they please – but YouTube is improving events fix it if this ceases to be so.

“We are still working to partner with Roku to ensure we continue on YouTube TV for our customers,” YouTube said. “We are also in talks with some of our friends to get free promotional materials in case any YouTube TV subscribers may face any problems on Roku.”

Roku first prosecution Google wants Roku to block search results from a third party search engines – such as Netflix or Hulu – when the YouTube app is launched. Roku also said Google wants to be able to control other devices used on Roku devices, as well as access to Roku devices. Google he refuses this claim, claiming that Roku has terminated their existing relationship on the grounds of religious prejudice because they are trying to negotiate a new deal. agreement in terms of a major YouTube program in addition to YouTube TV, though The agreement does not expire until December. The YouTube release on Friday is the latest punch between the two companies.

Year he did so in a sent word That Google he was doing everything as a “self-sufficient”.

“YouTube’s bundling announcement reflects the type of business used by Google that Congress, Attorney General and international regulatory agencies are investigating,” Roku said.

“We have just asked Google to stop their rigid system that uses search results for users to profit with their money and to stop importing sensitive data that no other partner on our platform receives today,” the company continued. In response, Google continued to boldly use its YouTube system to force an independent company to enter into an agreement that would compromise consumers and better competition. “

However, be happy to re-insert the code into your TV when the relationship is over.


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