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Melinda Gates Was Not a Bill’s Epstein Fellow


Illustration by the story of Melinda Gates claims to have warned Bill not to approach her right in front of the famous Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has vehemently denied having any contact with celebrity sex offender Jeffrey Epstein – you know, the guy who owned a private jet and on the island he died in prison in 2019 before testifying to the perpetrators of his child molestation – was nothing but when you box the boxes you will thrive of charity.

Although Gates insisted he was not a friend of Epstein, it was made known through the New York Times that Gates interviewed Epstein “several times” although Epstein confirmed that he had asked for a child in Florida to be one the most well-known facts about him. The Times reported that the hangouts were “three times in Mr. Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, and at one time he stayed up late.” Gates even wrote a suspicious email to an employee at his private office that “Epstein’s life is very different and interesting even though it doesn’t affect me.” Meetings, which began in 2011 and included the time Gates flew with Epstein on his jet, seemingly have distracted some from good judgment, including his ex-wife Melinda Gates.

According to a report in Daily Life, who is affiliated with the Gates family, says Melinda correctly read Epstein’s disgusting behavior and became very angry with her husband for associating with them. The crisis culminated in an unprecedented meeting between the Gates and the evil billionaire “at Epstein on the Upper East Side in a house in September 2013, the same day the couple received Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award at The Pierre hotel and was taped With then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Friends of the couple told the site that Bill was taking part with Epstein “still missing Melinda”.

Bill and Melinda announced that their marriage was approaching for the first time this week after 27 years of marriage. There is no indication in the Living Report that Epstein’s connection was the cause of the division, though one might think that it may not have worked. In the divorce papers, Melinda wrote that their marriage was a success “Brokenly Broken” and that they were already separated.

One person who participated in an Epstein-like event, including a TED conference in California, told the site that he doubted something was wrong with the billionaire and it was easy to see why Melinda would be upset with him:

“I would not say that many say,” the man told The Daily Beast of anonymity, referring to the people around Epstein who said he had no doubt that Epstein was torturing him. “If you ask Bill Gates, he’ll say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know he didn’t do anything moral.’ But I was very skeptical of Epstein’s behavior. ”

“The people around him,” said the man, referring to Epstein, “had a variety of things that he knew and did not know and how he devoted himself to.”

The man was not surprised that Melinda Gates was offended by Epstein, saying that “most people were unhappy with Epstein, completely unreliable” in her sexual behavior. “He was just an ugly man. He was about to be rude, careless at dinner … I could see how anyone, even if he wasn’t suspicious, would want to be around him.”

The relationship between Bill and Epstein seems to have ended in 2014 when Gates made a popular $ 2 million donation to MIT Media Lab which their director Joichi Ito says was sponsored by Epstein. (Gates speakers he refuses Epstein “directs any sponsorship or fundraising activity for Bill Gates”; Ito he quit his job in disgrace in September 2019 after getting to know Epstein better.) All the while he began to complain to friends that the former Microsoft chairman had not returned the phone, according to Beast.

However, Epstein was a very outgoing person who loved to hang out with celebrities tech and science– perhaps in some way because rich and shared friends can be found to protect their interest in the wrongs they are committing. The Beast report revealed that several Gates affiliates and Microsoft affiliates with Epstein, including former Gates Foundation staff and Epstein science consultant Melanie Walker, a biotech salesman and former Gates consultant Boris Nikolic, former vice president of Microsoft Linda Stone, and former Microsoft chief technical officer Nathan Myhrvold.

Spokesmen for Gates insisted that an email describing Epstein’s fascinating life “simply means a special decoration” for Epstein’s bedroom, which it is justice but if it deviates, and “Epstein’s habit of bringing friendly friends to meet the Gates,” which is probably not as encouraging as some speakers think.

Gates did more than just deny that he had been dating Epstein recently, e.g. prevention of global access to the coronavirus vaccine using the Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator (a framework aimed at organizing research, production, and distribution of vaccines) to continuously enforce the protection of pharmaceutical companies’ intellectual property rights. He took L there. In a global criticism that IP concerns are slowing down the production and distribution of vaccines around the world, executives Joe Biden announced this week will partner with the World Trade Organization to temporarily reduce patent rights to the coronavirus vaccine.


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