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Trump Persecutes the Order. Facebook Created


“It’s just it is not uncommon for the ‘story’ of any witch doctor to blind us to the occult. ”Said a gonzo-speaking theorist Marshall McLuhan 57 years ago.

What McLuhan meant was that, in speech that is controlled by electronics, we are obsessed with what we say in excess, ignoring the means of communication in which the word rests.

This week, McLuhan’s discoveries came out of the mothball and he found the most important when Facebook Monitoring Board, a team of experts selected by Facebook, Inc., Inc. he thought adding limits to the use of Facebook and Instagram for Donald Trump, giving Facebook six months to find a “legally compliant solution” on the platform.

In the meantime, who cares? The demise of the former President has taken place, and despite his benched presence, Facebook is full of lies, deceptions and slander of every kind, hate speech, insults and abuse that pervade the nations.

But the Facebook committee was accused of investigating only two posts on Instagram and Facebook, not relying on the media power they wrote. It did this close-up reading, and well done. But the success, and the idea of ​​Donald Trump, was not here or there. In the end, the outcome of the incident disrupted Facebook’s actions which could undermine democracy. Initially, the committee cited two “pieces”, which McLuhan would call “messages”, a key factor in making a decision. The first was a video of Trump giving an address to a camera that started, “I know your pain.” It was posted on Facebook and Instagram and was published at 4:21 pm, EST, January 6, 2021, when the US Capitol was brutally tortured by Trump supporters.

Tuesday was a 42-word paragraph on Facebook under Trump’s name, published just two hours later. “These are the things and events that happen when a landslide victory is unfairly elected to patriots who have been wronged for a long time. Go home with love in peace. Remember this day forever!”

What the Facebook management team looks at in terms of language, time, and source. He did not mention the dynamics, the type of business, or the media, Instagram and Facebook, not even once.

According to the commission, “We love you. You are very important ‘in the first article by’ Patriotists’ and ‘Remembering This Day Forever’ in the second post violated Facebook’s ban on praising or supporting people who commit acts of violence.”

Speaking of the steps, the statement reads, “At the time Trump was writing, there were obvious dangers, and their support for the protesters acknowledged their violence.”

Referring to the President of the United States as the author of the post, the statement reads, “As President, Trump had a lot of power. His posts were huge, with 35 million followers on Facebook and 24 million on Instagram.” among political leaders and other celebrities, recognizing that some users with a large audience can also pose significant risks. “

Despite the loss, the point was surprising and shocking – in the words of the steering committee. For Facebook, the American president is clearly not a public servant or a senior official. He is an advertiser. And it derives its power not only from people but from Facebook and its brand of business advertisers and followers.

Power based on Facebook is not “legitimate” in social media; it is not a power, such as that of a teacher or an elected official, who is considered righteous and worthy of the use of them. In the distance. The “attraction” on Facebook is not just anything but deception (false) on Facebook games that play a lot. But this is not mentioned by anyone on the committee, who was blinded, in McLuhan’s way, on the idea of ​​the game. The attraction on Facebook is more likely to be felt in the World of Warcraft than the legitimate power. But instead of calling on Facebook to create a machine that gives uncontrollable and dangerous human power, they are talking about the abuse of the system by a designated perpetrator.


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