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Ryanair has been a huge hit on Twitter lately, and it seems everyone, from GB News on the Independent, loves it. Yes, that Ryanair – the same he pays £ 55 if you forgot to check before arriving at the airport; whose CEO once hovered the idea of ​​paying travel expenses and advising customers who want to return the money to “f *** away”.

“A safe seat. . . and North Shropshire ”, the official Twitter account for the airline written last week following the defeat of the Tories election, along with a photograph of the Ryanair airport line and a map of the region. This happened just a few days after the company started sent a picture of a chart showing “Coronavirus warning sites in the UK”, alongside “Downing Street parties”. Level 4 was “Boris topless, asking for a picture of Thatcher if he comes here often”. “God help me bc I’m about to love a funny meme from a corporate account”, one user wrote. Ryanair’s tweets received more than 100,000 “likes”.

The company has taken more swipe on the British prime minister and his government in recent weeks. And you have to give it to them: these jokes are funny. This is a step forward for companies that do not budget; the kind that gives you warmth, stupidity and even – if you have a name like mine – patriotism on the plane.

But not all of the things we just want — to be — funny — and the corporate reality on the financial media can make sense. Compare Ryanair’s Pepsi Twitter account, whose only bio makes me grimace: “If you’re looking for hot and cold Pepsi, you’ve come to the right place.” Yeesh. You may not find any of these features from Pepsi’s Twitter page; what you find instead is one of the biggest companies in the world trying to pretend to be the ordinary Joe – and the angry Joe, then.

“Eeh. We did that. Launching Pepsi Mic Drop – our genesis #NFT collection,” the company wrote earlier this month, when it announced it was launching non-fungible signs – digital “collections” that are being whipped by anyone from Adidas to. Melania Trump. “This looks very good,” replied a company formerly known as Facebook (now Meta). “You know, fren!” said Pepsi. “Welcome to my friend brand. WAGMI, ”was Budweiser’s reply. Pepsi: “Thank you, fren! WAGMI”.

Is there anything more amazing on the internet than a group of company behemoths who talk to each other like 24-year-old bros? The word “WAGMI” which has been repeated has become popular in the cryptosphere in recent months and represents “we will all make it” – the text itself.

And no one, not even crypto fans, seems to be intrigued: “Pepsi calling Facebook ‘fren’ on Twitter makes me want to jump right away,” tweeted. “Turn off the internet,” said another. A well-known crypto site ran the piece complains that “organizations like Pepsi, Budweiser, and Adidas are buying NFTs and metaverse land and posting ‘WAGMI’ on tweet, which makes the crypto much smaller, as well as more complex.”

Obviously the person who comes up with the tweets is probably a good and well-known Zoomer who earns a small amount of money that their masters in the C-suite are paid for, but it doesn’t really help. Pepsi has a history of trying too hard to be right and wrong: back in 2017, the company had to do just that. attracting advertising and Kendall Jenner being charged with contempt of court for Black Lives Matter.

We must realize that equality – or lack thereof – is not always associated with profit. Ryanair’s new Twitter followers are welcome but not required: Brits may have voted the worst airline in the world. seven years on trot, but at that time the plane of customer numbers almost double.

However, since these brands seem to be desperately in demand, perhaps some important rules should be followed: do not talk about “making” when you get more profit than. $ 10bn per year; do not engage in idle talk; do not use rocket emojis; do not spend time together as a married couple; to do make good jokes by destroying the politics they deserve. I do not believe I am going to say this but: made, be very Ryanair.

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