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Tesla under investigation for ‘Passenger Play’

came under fire earlier this month that other games can be played on the dashboard infotainment system while the EV is running. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now investigating Tesla on the so-called “Passenger Play”.

The preliminary assessment from the Office of the Defects Investigation (ODI) covers around 580,000 Model 3, S, X and Y vehicles sold since 2017. It could confuse the driver and increase the risk of an accident. “

Report from a New York Times showed that the changes Tesla released in the summer resulted in three games being played while the car was moving. Prior to that, Passenger Play was only available when the EV was in the park. NHTSA told Engadget in early December that it was talking to Tesla about the matter.

ODI says an initial assessment will assess the potential distractions for drivers on Passenger Play while the EV is in motion. It will look at various aspects of Passenger Play, including how it is used and how it is used.

In announcing the study, NHTSA cited a report submitted to the agency in August. “Tesla is now making video games and online searches possible in the front seat while the car is moving,” the complaint read. “Why would a manufacturer be allowed to make a naturally disruptive video that takes up 2/3 of the screen that the driver relies on to find out more about the car? Making a dangerous distortion of the driver is careless.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment . The company no longer has a PR department.

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