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Garland defends DOJ move to represent Trump in court | | Donald Trump’s story

Writer E Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexual violence and accused him of insulting her.

United States Attorney Merrick Garland defended the Justice Department’s decision to continue representing Donald Trump a charge of blasphemy brought in by a woman who accused the former US President of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s.

“The role of the Department of Justice in making legal decisions does not support past or present administrators,” Garland told a U.S. Senate delegation Wednesday.

“The essence of the law… is that as cases can be done in this way, so that there is no one law for Democrats and one for Republicans so that there is no one law for friends and one for enemies,” Garland said.

The Department of Justice, which represents US government officials in criminal matters, said this week it was so and further his protection of the former president, who began under the leadership of former governors.

“It’s always difficult to obey this rule. Sometimes it means we have to make a decision on legislation that we would not have made and that we do not agree with it on legal issues, “said Garland, who has strongly opposed the election.

Critics say state attorneys should not take part in Trump’s defense because the case is related to the pre-Trump rhetoric.

In a letter to Garland, a group of 21 members of the US Congress said they were opposed to the ruling. The department “should not waste taxpayers’ money to protect President Trump from defamation … their view is very wrong,” Congressman Jerry Nadler, one of the signatories, wrote.

“This was not the case when he used his office to advance and advance the interests of the United States,” Barb McQuade, a law professor at the University of Michigan, told US MSNBC newspaper.

“She is doing her own thing based on what happened in her private life 20 years ago,” McQuade said.

Author E Jean Carroll had it blamed Trump in a 2019 magazine article about her being raped in a New York City street shop.

Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan said on June 8 she was confused by Biden’s management’s decision to support Trump in the case. “It’s dangerous that Donald Trump raped E Jean Carroll in a New York City store many years ago,” Kaplan told Politico.

“It is strange that the current Department of Justice would allow Donald Trump not to lie, thus depriving our client of his day in court,” he said.

When asked about this during his presidency, Trump denied that he knew Carroll and said his claims were false.

In a brief letter filed in the appellate court on June 7, the lawyers of the Justice department took the same position that the department said when Trump was President.

The Justice Department also said it did not support Trump’s approach to Carroll, although it did insist that the anti-government lawsuit against the authorities justified the government’s view of taking away the former president’s protection.

“When members of the White House press conference called on President Trump to respond to Carroll’s allegations of wrongdoing, he was questioned as President,” the prosecutors wrote briefly in court.

“Appointed government officials can – and often do – respond to cases of wrongdoing that cast doubt on their ability to hold office.”

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