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Foxconn is slow to reopen its Indian iPhone | Business and Economic Affairs

The government asked Foxconn to review the services provided to workers including the storage of electricity, food, water and shelter.

The Foxconn iPhone factory in India, which is among the most deadly toxins, will close for a week-long and three-day closure, Tamil Nadu official told Reuters.

The factory, which employs about 17,000 people, was formed resume other activities Monday but now is expected to resume production with 1,000 employees Thursday, the official said, adding that the government has already visited staff hostels.

Last week, protests erupted after more than 250 women working in the factory and living in one of the hostels received medical treatment. Some of the protesters were arrested by the police but later released.

The event has highlighted the interest in the lives of the workers – many of them women – who live in a dormitory near a factory just south of Chennai.

Taiwanese contractor Apple Inc and other Big Technology names and its 11 contractors including catering and accommodation providers were invited to the meeting, the official said. The officer was not allowed to comment on the matter and declined to be named.

The government asked Foxconn to review the services provided to workers including the provision of electricity, food and water, and the Directorate of Industrial Safety And Health also recommended the provision of entertainment facilities such as TV, library and home games, the official added. .

According to a government source, Foxconn told officials he had “increased production speed” and was gradually making sure that the workplace was upgraded before he could return to work.

Representatives for Foxconn and Apple were not immediately available for comment.

A smart play

The gates of the factory, located just outside the southern city of Chennai, opened on Monday morning, with some cars coming in and out but the area was empty.

Apple’s hit since the closure of the plant, which produces the iPhone 12 models and has begun testing the iPhone 13, is expected to be minimal, experts say. But the factory is in good shape for a long time as Apple tries to reduce its reliance on China amid trade disputes between Washington and Beijing.

Disruption comes as Apple struggles with the problems of the COVID-19 epidemic that have begun to develop. In October, the company warned that such problems could escalate during the holiday season.

The Foxconn riots are the second major incident involving the Apple factory in India in a single year. In December 2020, thousands of workers at the Wistron Corp factory destroyed weapons and vehicles for non-payment, which cost $ 60m.

Apple, headquartered in Cupertino, California – has been gambling in India since the launch of the national iPhone conference in 2017. Foxconn, Wistron and another retailer, Pegatron, have raised about $ 900m over five years to make iPhones in India.

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