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Former Colombian leader apologizes for killing military soldiers | War Stories

Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday apologized for the thousands of killings committed by the country’s military during his tenure as Minister of Defense.

Santos, who in 2016 signed peace treaty and the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), which set up the committee, testified to the Colombian True Committee on the so-called “false positives”, in which soldiers killed civilians and recruited them as war veterans.

The country’s highest court has ruled at least 6,402 people he was assassinated and accused of being a rebel between 2002 and 2008, during the time of former President Alvaro Uribe. Some victims say the number could be huge.

New Colombian President Ivan Duque greets outgoing President Juan Manuel Santos in Bogota, Colombia on August 7, 2018 [File: Cesar Carrion/Courtesy of Colombian Presidency/Handout via Reuters]

Santos served as Security Minister under the Uribe for almost three years between 2006 and 2009 and was in charge when the disclosure was made public.

“The chapter on false ideas is one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever had in my public life and is an unforgettable spot in honoring the military,” said Santos, adding that his mother lost children in the profession during her time as a minister.

Forced to make massive murder figures, with the help of Uribe, was then the culprit, he said, and the military apologized.

“This should never happen,” Santos said. “I acknowledge this and ask for forgiveness from all women and their families, who have been affected by this tragedy, from the bottom of my heart.”

Santos said that as soon as he heard the deadly rumors, he could not believe it.

After the allegations were made, Santos said he ordered them to be given the opportunity to assassinate others, change plans to deal with the deaths of others and other ways to award medals.

The results of the internal investigation shocked her, Santos said.

“Maybe I had never felt it in combination with anger and so much pain, it’s such a great sadness.”

He said many military personnel had been removed from their posts, adding that changes in the system had led to the killing of troops by the military.

Group of Victims of Perfect False Mothers a Colombia he had previously urged Santos to apologize.

“Today, we believe a little from you. [Santos] tell the truth. Ask forgiveness for any mother whose children have been taken by Uribe, [Former Colombian National Army General Mario Montoya] by yourself. Today you can change history. In remembering our children tell the truth, “the group sent word.

Many military officers have been detained and found guilty of engaging in this activity.

The 2016 Peace Agreement is FARC freedom fighters won the Santos Nobel Peace Prize and saw another 13,000 FARC members lose power.

FARC leaders as well admitted in April to fraudulent schemes which he called “uncertain”. An estimated 21,396 people were detained or detained by the FARC between 1990 and 2015, according to figures by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), a court that oversees peace work between the FARC and the Colombian state.

The JEP ordered former FARC officials to war crimes in January.

Conflicts between the Colombian government and rebel forces, including the FARC, lasted 50 years and left 260,000 dead and millions displaced.

Former FARC activists and human rights activists march to call on the government to guarantee their right to life and to uphold the 2016 peace agreement, in Bogota, Colombia, November 1, 2020 [File: Fernando Vergara/AP Photo]

Santos is the third former President to fund the committee, whose work ends this year.

It is unknown whether Uribe – who strongly opposed the peace deal – will eventually testify.

Ivan Duque’s right-wing president, who took office in 2018, is also opposed to the deal. Some FARC fighters have continued to fight with the government, which has led to riots and deaths, disrupting the peace process.

Former FARC president and Comunes president, name the group received if it were a political party, sent an open letter at the US Congress in March, I call for help to maintain the peace process.

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