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Five questions that Facebook banned for two years on Donald Trump

Facebook enacted the law in late 2016, after research a well-known figure during the Vietnam War because it was nude. However, the exception should be Newsworth transformed into a blanket except for politicians, including Trump, who allow crimes to be perpetrated online because they are considered to be in the public interest. But even though this announcement appears to be a blanket protection, it does not completely remove it, and it does not spell out in detail how Facebook would know if something did not happen.

Who made this decision?

The announcement was made by Nick Clegg, vice president of a global company, but he mentions “us”. However, it does not say who Facebook participated in the decision-making process – which is important for transparency and credibility, based on the reasons for the decision.

“We know that today’s election will be contested by many in the political arena – but our job is to make the election as fair, fair, and transparent as possible,” Clegg wrote.

Where does Facebook find the tricks?

The announcement also states that the company is looking for “experts” to “see if the social security risk has dropped,” not to mention these experts, experts say, or Facebook (or, again, who Facebook) will have the authority to make decisions based on their perceptions. The Oversight Board, whose purpose was one way to resolve disputed elections, has already shown that they do not want to do this.

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