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Five protesters in Sudan have been killed in Sudanese protests Gallery News

Sudanese security forces fired tear gas and tear gas to disperse protesters, who criticized the military’s crackdown on extremists. killing at least five people and several injuries, freedom fighters say.

Saturday’s violence erupted as thousands of pro-democracy activists marched through the streets of Sudan to protest against a military coup last month. The attacks have led to international criticism and major protests in the streets of Khartoum and elsewhere throughout the country.

The killings took place on Saturday in Khartoum with his twin Omdurman twins, and the dead included four who were killed by gunfire and one who died “from breathing and tear gas”, according to the Sudanese Medical Committee.

It said there had been reports of several other injuries, including fire.

Sudanese police, however, have refused to use weapons against the protesters and said the protests attacked several police officers and vehicles in Khartoum, leaving 39 police officers seriously injured.

The rallies, called by the pro-democracy group, came two days after the insurgent leader General Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan. he set himself up again head of the Sovereign Council, the central governing body of Sudan. His actions on Thursday angered a coalition that promotes democracy and frustrated the United States and other countries that have urged government officials to change their policies.

The Sudanese military seized power on October 25, overthrowing a revolutionary government and arresting more senior officials and politicians. The coup sparked a planned coup d’état, two years after the coup demanded the removal of longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir.

Saturday’s demonstrations were organized by the Sudanese Professionals Association and its so-called Resistance Committees. Both groups are the instigators of the al-Bashir insurgency in April 2019.

The Sudan Medical Committee is part of a democratic movement.

The protests took place amid tight security, with government officials closing bridges connecting areas around Khartoum. Soldiers and paramilitary forces also closed areas around the capital, with several protests rallying in April 2019, forcing the military to oust al-Bashir.

Saturday’s death has left at least 19 people dead as a result of the massive force used by the country’s military since October 25, according to doctors from Sudan and the United Nations.

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