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‘Faster and farther’: NASA helicopter lands for the third time on Mars | Weather News

NASA says the Ingenuity helicopter travels 50 meters at a maximum speed of two meters per second in the third Martian spacecraft.

The United States Ingenuity Helicopter has completed its third voyage to Mars, flying “faster and faster” than it has ever been in any other global mission.

Mu words On Sunday, NASA said the helicopter flew 50 meters (164 feet) at a speed of 2 meters per second (6.6 feet per second).

This was the third wise trip because it had made history first go to Red Planet earlier this month.

“Today’s trip is what we planned, but it’s not surprising,” said Dave Lavery, chief of Ingenuity Mars Helicopter program at NASA’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

Wisdom landed on Mars in February and embarked on an enduring voyage after a seven-month voyage from Earth.

His first Martian flight on April 19 mark the first aircraft to fly on another planet.

NASA says most of the 80-second helicopter helicopters on Sunday, captured by Ingenuity cameras, will be returned to Earth in the coming days.

The helicopter will begin its fourth voyage to Mars soon, the space agency said.

The voyages are difficult due to special events on Earth – that is, the rarest planet on Mars with less than 1 percent of the earth’s surface.

An intelligent experiment takes about a month to allow Endurance to return to its main function: the search for clues to ancient life on Mars.

Last week, NASA said it had also achieved some milestones in its Mars mission after converting carbon dioxide into the Martian atmosphere into fresh air and air.

The non-existent air extraction was completed Tuesday with a test tool on Perseverance.

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