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The California governor says he wants $ 7 billion on a mass transfer


Governor Gavin Newsom has set his sights on what he can do with more government funding and restitution, which includes $ 7 billion over three years to build infrastructure. If parliament approves the May budget reform proposal, California will begin working on one of the .

“[Universal] Access to the internet is a vital part of the economy, education, health and well-being, and it will be an important part of the government’s long-term recovery, ” the budget is calculated. “The epidemic has highlighted the need to make broadbands available for education, employment, and health care.”

According to the budget, 83.4% of people are using broadband but more than 52% can run at 100 Mbps. It shows that 51.3% of rural households do not have access to 100 Mbps and even 28.4% of rural households. The problem continues even in the cities. About half of households that do not have access to the 100 Mbps buttons are in those areas.

The budget is implementing a plan to build a “medium” network, appropriate for the highway and continuous road construction. Proponents say they have to pay a fee to connect other government agencies and networks, especially in rural areas. As such, California is planning to create a $ 500 million Loan Loss Reserve Account to help nonprofits, local governments and ethnicities gain access to private town networks (or a “nearby road” for construction). Newsom also hopes to offer additional incentives to donors to connect with unsafe or unsecured families on the network.

In addition to growing infrastructure, a key goal is to make Broadbands faster to buy for the people of California. Story on Twitter that the government “closes . “

It will take several years before this network (assuming it has been approved). Those who have been suffering from iffy connections working at home or at a remote school during an epidemic will not benefit from this immediately. However, high-tech social infrastructure is helping to access the internet for millions of California over time and, according to the petition, “will create thousands of positive jobs to help rehabilitate the state’s economy.”

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