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Facebook will reintroduce anti-political rhetoric

Facebook one of its most difficult rules, following the advice of the Oversight Board. Social networking sites have announced that they are going to back down on issues that have caused politicians to violate some of the rules by claiming to be “newsworthy.” Facebook announced the change immediately revealing it to Donald Trump he can come back on Facebook in 2023.

“When we look at what is right for us to take the news, we do not take what the politicians have sent in contrast to what others have sent,” the company’s VP for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, wrote in a blog post.

However, other laws that provide elected officials with specialized services, including censorship discounts, will remain in place. These changes come in response to a series of from the Oversight Board that accompanied it on Trump’s suspension. Under the committee’s rules, Facebook is required to respond to organizational suggestions, but is no longer required to comply with any changes it indicates.

Facebook says it is changing its bad habits which allows them to take no action on matters that would violate its rules in the belief that there is an “interest in the public interest” in relinquishing them. In the past, Clegg said the company considered political statements to be acceptable and therefore should be “seen and heard” even if the post violated its rules.

Now, the company says it will never be found again then consider those notes they have a good reputation, meaning that law enforcement agencies should be scrutinized more deeply than ever before (in the past, Facebook only posted articles for violating certain principles, such as harassing voters or inciting violence). With change, by New York Times, Facebook may still impose a “fee” on certain media, but the company “would not consider anyone’s comments a media coverage, including politicians.” Facebook also said it would make it clear if it could not be registered for an official release, Zuckerberg’s Mark

Clegg also said Facebook will take part in making “to know “system clear to users, initial change About. Like other TV platforms, Facebook uses “shows” to help determine how accounts that violate its rules are punished. But so far the company has not notified users of the receipt of the tract, which could make people suspend their accounts look unsatisfactory. Company executives also say in order to remove the sting on the familiar pages.

The changes announced today could have a bigger problem than Trump’s. The company has been battling for years whether to review or apply its principles to world leaders. Recent changes may explain how the websites are used in such cases, and also provide an opportunity for them to establish their own rules. At the same time, Facebook made it clear that it would still want to have more expensive leaders, whose responsibilities could be exempted for being “essential.”


The Oversight Board objected to Facebook’s actions with politicians, which were published that “the same rules should apply to all users” and that Facebook should “deal with the widespread confusion in how decisions affecting popular users are made.”

As part of its response, Facebook published new “increased sanctions against civilians in the midst of civil unrest and ongoing violence.” The law allows for suspension for up to two years or termination.

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