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Facebook has banned Trump for at least two years

Facebook says Donald Trump will be banned from his network for at least two years, an idea that could lead to controversy with former US President’s allies who accuse the company of defending reckless views.

The ban was a review from a long-running suspension by Facebook, which was criticized by the company’s “supervisors”. The board last month agreed with the idea of ​​removing Trump from the platform but found fault with blocking their entire life.

The new suspension will take effect from the day Trump was suspended on January 7, the day after the Trump supporters’ attack on the US Capitol in Washington, Facebook said. The company banned him from his platform for reporting on allies in the Capitol. The ban will be lifted only if the company considers that the “public safety risk is over”.

“Once the suspension is lifted, there will be an increasing number of sanctions that could be imposed if Trump violates other laws in the future, to the extent that his pages and accounts are merged,” wrote Nick Clegg, Facebook’s global affairs officer, in blog about the election Friday.

This idea came as an announcement describing a major change in corporate thinking on how to manage communication with celebrities.

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