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Square can create a ‘hardware wallet’ for Bitcoin

Square could create a Bitcoin wallet, says Jack Dorsey. Mu , the official expressed his thoughts on what the device would look like if Square released one. “Bitcoin is for everyone,” Dorsey said. “It is important for us to find an integral factor that brings an unpredictable solution to the global market.”

In the meantime, any hardware wallet from Square could include some type of smartphones. “The constant focus on mobile communication should include more people,” Dorsey said. At the same time, he acknowledged that your phone can be very complex, especially considering the cryptocurrency wallet. Dorsey also cites the integration of the Cash program as a tangible object, but sees no doubt that a stand-alone tool may require a small display.

If it sounds like Dorsey and Square haven’t fully settled on what the major Bitcoin instruments should look like, then that seems to be the point. “When we do that, we just build in the open, from the program to the infrastructure, and in partnership with the community,” Dorsey said.

Although cryptocurrency wallets are not new (we have seen them ), The device from Square can be a great driver in the launch, especially since other financial companies such as Venmo have he acquired skills. The hardware tool also makes Bitcoin workable in a way that can make the idea of ​​cryptocurrensets understandable to ordinary consumers. If Square decides to pursue the idea, Dorsey has promised that the company will establish Twitter and Github accounts provided for the project so that people can follow what is happening.

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