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Sin City 30th Anniversay Edition Arrives Libraries This Fall


Artwork by Frank Miller in Sin City

Artwork by Frank Miller in Sin City
Figure: Dark Black Game

Frank Miller violent black and white-noir art The City of Sin is changing 30. In honor of this memorable section, a new type of art is being released by the end of 2021.

Along with its other funny activities such as 300 and Dark Knight Returns, The City of Sin he is above his best works – and he is grateful The Black Horse founder Mike Richardson for taking advantage of such ideas. Miller said Vision of Heat, “As soon as I started writing and writing black and white jokes, Mike Richardson did not flinch. We were running away and we will continue to do so 30 years later.” Philip Tan.

First book, Good Good, in The City of Sin legend, published in 1991. The story follows Marv, an old man with a golden heart who sleeps at night with a woman who dies the next day. He was not killed, but he was still a senior. Marv continues to run in search of the killer to find out his name.

In 2005, Miller is the director Robert Rodriguez participated in the original video editing The City of Sin a book of anthology, which raised nearly $ 200 million at the World Boxing Office. In 2019, Hollywood Report broke the story of a The City of Sin The radio was on the job. Since then, there has been nothing new about the show.

Print for 30 years of Sin City Problem 1 hits a few shelves on Sep 29 and will be available in all mail markets Oct 12.

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