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Extreme heat hits China ultramarathon, killing runners 21 | Another Story

At least 21 people have been killed after a ‘sudden, stormy weather’ hit runners who took part in a 100-kilometer trek up the mountains of China’s Gansu.

At least 21 people have been killed in hailstorms, cold rains and hurricanes that hit the region of China in northwestern Gansu province, officials said.

“Suddenly, a hurricane” hit the highest point of the 100-kilometer race held in Yellow River Stone Forest near the town of Baiyin at noon (04:00 GMT) on Saturday, officials said at a rally on Sunday.

“At around 12 noon, a high altitude speed of between 20 and 31 km was suddenly affected by bad weather. Baiyin mayor Zhang Xuchen.

As soon as they received help from the participants, the marathon organizers sent a rescue team that was able to rescue 18 people, he said.

At around 2pm (06:00 GMT), the weather intensified and the competition was halted as government officials sent other rescuers to help, Zhang added.

“This is a public safety event that has taken place as a result of climate change in your area,” he said, adding that district officials would also look into the cause.

Eight other athletes were hospitalized with minor injuries, Zhang said.

A total of 172 people took part in the race. As of Sunday, 151 people had been confirmed safe, including those injured, Xinhua reporters said.

Mountain temperatures plummeted overnight, Xinhua said, making hunting and rescue “extremely difficult”.

Stabilization due to the storm also disrupted rescue operations, say Baiyin officials.

Gansu, one of the poorest regions in China, runs through Mongolia in the north and Xinjiang in the west.

Floods and landslides have hit the region in the past, and mudslides killed more than 1,000 people in another town in 2010.

Then there are earthquakes.

The Yellow River Stone Forest is famous for its rugged mountains known for its rocky outcrops and rocky outcrops, and it has been used as a base in many Chinese cinemas and cinemas, according to China Daily.

Its stone structure is said to be four billion years old, according to the Daily.

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