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Experiments allow you to skip the ‘Hey, Google’ rule of thumbnails


To try Google Assistant the name “Guacamole” will give you the ability to issue word commands without having to start with “Hey, Google.” That is, the superpower should think that it is a complete release. Android Police have seen the Guacamole method in the latest version of the Google app, and some people with Android 11 devices have also found out how to use it. However, no one could change this. According to 9to5Google, Only users testing the feature should use it right now, and even a FAQ linked in this way brings an inside page.

Hitting Guacamole in Settings will lead you to the Voice Shortcuts page, which says you will be able to “jump and say ‘Hey, Google’ for immediate assistance” when you turn it on. It also links to the FAQ page, which you should read before entering. As mentioned, you can’t change them even if you see what’s on your device, but 9to5Google he says the only ones that can be used are just “Stop” or “Snooze” to reduce the alarm. You can also deal with incoming calls by saying “answer / reduce calls.”

The company is said to have been operating in Guacamole since early March at least. While it is not known if Guacamole will be complete, it is unlikely, since you can already disable the time and alarms on Nest or Home speakers by saying “Stop.”

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