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Everything You Need To Know Before Entering The Clubhouse


The clubhouse is hot goods. It’s too big since its inception in April 2020. Last December there were about 600,000 users. Now there more than 10 million worldwide. Although they are large, they are still in beta, which is why membership is possible through an existing member. When you receive an invitation, welcome.

As with any media project, there will always be a diverse audience. Some rooms are warm and creative. Some may have people who are not coming to where they would like to talk to you about business opportunities. As such, it is similar to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It depends on who and when.

But for many, the Clubhouse is a new opportunity to connect with others. It is a place where you can simply listen, or if you are given the opportunity, to speak directly to someone in real time. It’s a temporary conversation, a keyboard-free conversation. The voice is the only thing that matters — really.

Hyunjin Jo, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, owns his own rooms and supervises others and friends. He is a member of several well-known Hollywood clubs and television studios with a large number of potential investors, as well as freedom fighters who want to get involved. Since entering last December, he has been using her frequently.

“It took me a few months to get used to it, because I didn’t understand the request. But then I found rooms that matched my interest in work and mine. , ”He said.

He explained that Hollywood is a place where, for fun, people who enjoy working together can’t meet for long. But thanks to the Clubhouse, they can easily socialize with people. “I have been able to reconnect with other people in the business I met a few decades ago. The connection seems easy here. It sounds more personal, deeper, than any other movie. Recorded words have a limited amount of time on some platforms, but at the Clubhouse you can hear some words. It can make strong connections with others. But don’t lie to me, there are many BSs, ”he explained.

Like Twitter, a profile is created by the user, which is why it is not easy to measure a user’s skills or knowledge. This research is supposed to be done, in your own time.

Jo added, “There are thousands of ‘coaches’ and self-professed experts on how to market a television program to promote the game of golf.”

The entertainment industry mentioned above was created for writers who want to share in the business of film and television and to deal with lies.

“We just want to see these young people being entertained, paid for jobs they don’t want or being told to do something that wastes their time on the pretext that doing so could lead to their jobs.”

As Clubhouse grows, so do the stories of racism, anti-Semitism, and fraudulent claims of users who take advantage of new births, or use the site to share lies. With all due respect, you can say that users are unauthorized rooms in the app, and if you violate terms used, your account may be suspended or permanently suspended.

Some club rooms have “honorable agreements” when you click to register electronically to follow the club’s activities. There are no restrictions. When it comes to major topics such as mental health, a smart approach is important. The lines between empathy and the correction of deserving ones can fade into a room full of good people who may not otherwise be health professionals.


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