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Epic finds the CGI ArtStation art gallery

Epic Games has added another dimension to its modeling business access to ArtStation, the first to host a CGI page- and video footage. The site has a wide range of services from skilled and established professionals, such as Extreme Zero Dawn robot maker Mike Nash is a character artist Leticia Gillett (Disney, Graphics).

ArtStation is a digital marketplace from 3D models to game consoles. As part of the purchase, Epic has announced that it has reduced its market capitalization from 30 to 12 percent, as is the case with Epic Games Store. The company is also conducting courses and courses at ArtStation’s study section free until the end of 2021. This includes a large library of lighting equipment such as Disney director Kevin Lima, ILM pioneers Steve Williams and Mark Dippé and others.

Epic games not only create and publish games, but run them Epic Game Store. It also builds Inreal Engine that supports multiple games, VFX platforms is used in movies and movies as well as things like Hummer infotainment system. Epic has it he promised ArtStation “will continue to operate as an independent platform as it works with the Unreal Engine team.”

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