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EU wants AstraZeneca to pay millions for failing to provide Rates | Business and Financial Issues


A Belgian court is examining the EU that there is a risk that the drug manufacturer will face more than 20 million COVID-19 threats than promised by the end of June.

The European Union (EU) has attacked AstraZeneca Plc’s Covid-19 vaccine for “failure” and demanded millions of euros in penalties if the company did not immediately meet the additional requirements for recent lawsuits against the manufacturer’s breach. .

At a conference that began on Wednesday, a Belgian court ruled in favor of EU sanctions for more than 20 million bullets, as promised by the end of June.

The company must pay a fine of 10 euros ($ 12) per day for a delayed vaccine if it does not meet, a European Commission lawyer said in Brussels First Court on Wednesday.

Delays in vaccination pose a threat to the health of millions of EU citizens, says Fanny Laune, the EU’s chief justice. “We need to be vaccinated urgently and effectively to reduce mortality, without the AstraZeneca vaccine we would not be able to.”

Astra’s agreement with the EU came into effect immediately after issuing 30 million shares in the first quarter, compared to the original target of 120 million. The company criticized the lack of vaccine production in Europe. The EU insisted that the company should rely on British equipment, and asked questions about Astra-UK alliances

The same court will determine later this year whether Astra violated the terms of its contract. Another EU lawyer, Rafael Jafferali, told judges in the past that the company had not tried to use all of its production facilities to meet EU requirements and that the company’s reputation was “currently flawed.” It was “huge” that the company exported another 50 million species outside the EU, mainly to the UK and Japan, at the same time.

Performing in the UK

The EU wants the court to ask Astra to pay an additional $ 90 million by the end of June, $ 20 million more than it plans for the day, to meet the target of $ 120 million. The EU is also requesting 180 million units by the end of September, to meet the full 300 million agreements imposed last year.

Europe is slowly launching a vaccine for 448 million people, probably due to uncertainty over vaccine availability, which prevented the resumption of economic activity after the coronavirus forced the region to collapse suddenly last year.

In addition to disputes over shipping, the Astra vaccine has been plagued by controversy in Europe over medical malpractice, which has led some EU members to use age groups. The European Medicines Agency has warned doctors to investigate patients who may be at risk of freezing.

EU has been turning to Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE another 1.8 billion vaccine.

AstraZeneca’s lawyer, Hakim Boularbah, said the company was committed to the EU’s development of a new vaccine. The agreement includes the principle that the company will not be held liable for delays, he said.

The drug dealer does not sell his interest, but the prospect of a long-running feud with 27 governments poses a risk of lawsuits and financial losses.

The Brussels Supreme Court may decide within one month the EU’s request for a vaccine against the virus.

About half of EU officials have received a single vaccine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a tweet on Tuesday.


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