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Ecuador orders vaccination, Italy hides outside while Omicron gets angry | Coronavirus Plague News

Italy has also introduced official masks outside while Greece orders wearing eye masks inside and outside during the holidays.

Italy has also imported official masks and Ecuador has made the vaccine almost universal in the fight against coronavirus, which has spread worldwide, led by Omicron, just before the Christmas holidays.

Worst of all, China closed a city of 13 million people to solve the Delta crisis, following zero zero COVID-19, while Spain needed masks elsewhere.

In the meantime, France and the United Kingdom have announced a daily increase in COVID-19 levels.

The vaccine has also been approved in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Micronesia and New Caledonia for seniors, with Greece saying people should wear face masks indoors and out during Christmas and New Year meetings.

Here are the latest updates for Friday:

Fifty-five people have been tested for COVID on a US ship

Fifty people tested positive for COVID-19 aboard the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship that departed Saturday from the southeastern U.S. state of Florida, the company said.

The disease on the ship, Odyssey of the Seas, affected passengers and co-workers, although 95 percent of those on board received a coronavirus vaccine.

The ship will remain at sea until it returns to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on December 26. It carries 3,587 people and 1,599 crew members, according to USA Today.

The president of Montenegro confirmed that he had COVID-19

The president of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, tested positive for COVID-19 after being exposed to the virus.

“The president has few symptoms and is feeling well. In line with the epidemic he has set aside a place where he can perform his presidential duties on a regular basis,” his office said on Thursday.

To date, 161,944 people in Montenegro – a population of only 620,000 – have been infected with coronavirus and 2,385 have died.

Many Americans continue with holiday plans even for Omicron

Millions of Americans are advancing with vacations that include flights, busy tourist attractions, and indoor restaurants – such as the increased incidence of COVID-19, promoted by the Omicron brand, forcing them to change their plans on the fly.

As people clung to the COVID-19 test and experimented with a variety of public health tips on how to effectively assemble the second Christmas known as the plague, many expressed their determination to enjoy holidays such as worship and eating.

The Transportation Security Administration on Wednesday inspected 2,081,297 passengers across the country’s airports, an increase of 144,000 more than the number of travelers who witnessed the epidemic earlier that day in 2019.

Catalonia, Spain, sets a deadline for the night to resolve further cases

The northeastern region of Spain in Catalonia received a court order to stay home Thursday as Madrid promised to distribute millions of weapons to try to eradicate the Omicron virus that causes disease and covers Christmas.

Spain lifted a number of COVID-19 restrictions in the summer – thanks to a major vaccine that suppressed the disease – but Omicron’s arrival has caused daily cases to rise to more than 72,900 on Thursday.

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