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Drought in Mexico is at its height as the seas dry | Drought Stories


Authorities fear that the once plentiful water supply of the surrounding areas could form into dusty plains.

Drought is now affecting 85% of Mexico, and residents of the central region say Thursday that seas and wells are drying up, including the country’s second-largest body of water.

The mayor of Mexico City said the drought was the worst in 30 years, and the problem is evident in reserves which stores water from other countries to donate headquarters.

Some of them, such as the Villa Victoria pool to the west of the capital, are at one-third of their capacity, with about a month and a half to bring more rain.

The mayor of Mexico City said the drought in Mexico was the worst in 30 years [Fernando Llano/AP Photo]

Isais Salgado, 60, tries to fill his water truck in Villa Victoria, a job that takes him half an hour. On Thursday, he estimated that it would take just three and a half hours to pump water from his 10,000-gallon (2,641 gallon) tank.

“Dry pool,” says Salgado. “If they continue to produce water, by May it will be completely dry, and the fish will die.”

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum says as the drought intensifies, more people are getting used to it watering the lawn and their fields, which exacerbates the problem.

Nine major citizens are relying on reserves such as Villa Victoria and two others – together with about 44% capacity – a quarter of their water supply. Most of the rest comes from wells within the city. But the water table that the city is dropping and the leaking pipes is destroying a lot of what it brings in c0ity.

Rogelio Angeles Hernandez, 61, has been fishing for Villa Victoria for the past 30 years. Not too worried about their catch, in the old days, citizens could carry fish on the sidewalks when the water receded.

But tourist attractions in parks, such as Valle de Bravo beyond the west, have been affected by the receding waters.

Shepherds are tending their flocks along the shores of Lake Victoria, the wateriest city in Mexico City [Fernando Llano/AP Photo]

In the end, it is the capital that suffers the most.

“Fishing is the same, but the real impact will be on the people of Mexico City, who have access to less water,” said Angeles Hernandez.

Further west, in the Michoacan state, the country is in danger of losing its second largest lake, Lake Cuitzeo, where about 70 percent of the lake is now dry. The main cause is drought, but residents say the roads that passed through the shallow sea and changed the water for human consumption have also played a role.

Michoacan Governor Silvano Aureoles said the lake was so dry that coastal areas were now facing storms. He also said that areas should start planting plants on the lake bed to protect them.

At their request from the government, residents around the lake say that only six of the 19 species of fish now live in Cuitzeo. They say the storm caused respiratory and intestinal infections of thousands of people in the area.


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