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‘Drones Terminator’: China reveals rear radar | War Stories

China has unveiled new radars capable of detecting dangerous aircraft, including drones, and landfills, as the country continues to sharpen its combat skills and transform its military forces in the midst of the ongoing crisis in the region.

Among the “star-studded” stars at the Nanjing exhibition, which ends on Saturday, is the country’s first portable and radar-carrying radar, which can be carried by a single soldier, according to a government publication, Global Times reported.

The device is called a “drones terminator” because of its ability to detect small and small barriers that attach themselves to the sound waves by flying close to the ground.

The so-called “YLC-48 radar” is able to “detect and track incoming signals in any way”, according to the manufacturer, No 14 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

The radar uses integrated digital circuits, and can be installed on all types of lightweight devices, can perform this service throughout the season, and can be quickly deployed and removed, the report said.

The commission also said it had developed a radar-response UAV (AUDS) system, and provided security in the country “in difficult areas”.

As the coronavirus epidemic swept the world last year, tensions erupted in the region over a number of issues, with China facing a political confrontation with the United States.

Washington and Beijing are at odds over Chinese attitudes to Hong Kong and their support for the Uighurs northwest of Xinjiang – issues that Beijing sees as domestic events.

Pursuing land arrows

China was also surprised by the proximity between the US and Taiwan, which Beijing sees as a terrorist.

Last year, China threatened to “create legitimate and appropriate solutions” after the US agreed to sell $ 1.8bn worth of weapons to Taiwan.

In recent weeks, China has staged a war-related drone operation near Taiwan. He is said to send his planes to the Taiwanese military (ADIZ) almost daily.

In response, the US participated in several military demonstrations with Chinese neighbors including Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, and sent their ships to do “freedom of movement” on voyages to the South China Sea.

With the growing crisis in the region, Beijing has also increased its spending in recent years.

In 2019, China launched a new nuclear weapon that it believes could break all US military allies that have joined it.

Last year, it was reported that China was working to double its nuclear weapons.

China also encouraged the use of non-drone aircraft, as well as its anti-drone capabilities.

At the exhibition in Nanjing, another first-of-its-kind anti-drone radar machine is the S-band 3D TWA, the lowest radar.

According to a Global Times report, the new machines “are able to detect and track simultaneous entry including a combination of missiles, fighter jets and small drones”.

“It will be sent to key locations such as cities, nuclear facilities and military bases,” the developer said in a statement.

Hu Mingchun, executive director of the No 14 Research Institute that developed the radars, said the machines were needed to “deal with low, medium and low”.

A special Global Times report on the show states that China’s new radars “are considered to be superior to their foreign counterparts”.

Other radar equipment unveiled at the exhibition is the YLC-8E, which can detect even “high-quality aircraft”, as well as KLJ-7A, China’s first commercial aircraft to be exported.

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