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Konami recoups money that DLC bought after the deadly launch of ‘eFootball’


Last month, Konami downloaded Pro Evolution Soccer instead of the new free game eFootball franchise and the promise of good games at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the initiation was not limited dangerous, with bad players models, multiple glitches and noise at $ 40 DLC that could not be redeemed until the big version 1.0 was released earlier this month.

Now, Konami says the changes are being pushed back to the spring of 2022. As such, I am returning the players who pulled the trigger on the DLC and forced them to re-launch the game. “If you have already downloaded the Premium Player Pack and want to continue playing eFootball 2022, you will need to download the game after pre-ordering. We apologize for the inconvenience, “the company wrote.


In order for the game to be implemented soon, Konami released a modification (v0.9.1) to “correct multiple consecutive errors on any platform from today (November 5th),” it wrote. Unexpected abandonment there is a risk of the problem, which makes it difficult for people to read. Some of the options are such as “the referee can be shown off the field,” “the grass is not visible in three directions,” and “players can be caught in the net when they score goals near the goal.”

It’s hard to be optimistic because of the challenges Konami faced with his football game, but the company took more time. Now we have to wait until spring 2022 to see if they can do anything to convert eFootball around.

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