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Derek Chauvin is asking for another trial after the sentencing of Floyd | Black Life Essential Issues


A former police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes was found guilty last month of murder and manslaughter.

Former Minneapolis police spokesman Derek Chauvin has called for a new trial two weeks after Chauvin’s trial. was found guilty of second and third murders and manslaughter on the assassination of George Floyd.

In a number of cases filed with District Court Judge Peter Cahill on Tuesday, Eric Nelson said the former police officer had not received a fair trial, citing misconduct and conviction, misdemeanors in the trial and that the verdict was unlawful.

“Most of the people here were very prejudiced and discriminated against before and during the trial until the case was settled,” Nelson wrote, according to CNN.

Floyd’s murder was captured on camera and led to major demonstrations in the United States and around the world, thousands are coming to the streets demanding police brutality and racial injustice.

Chauvin, who was photographed on May 25 last year is his knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds, is serving a minimum of 75 years in prison – and will probably be further if the judge finds the wrong motives for the defendants. His ruling is scheduled for June.

A woman walking to a New York City convention after Derek Chauvin was found guilty last month [File: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters]

When news broke that Chauvin wanted to try a new case, Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump he wrote: “No. No. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. ”

Chauvin’s conviction on April 20 was still there welcomed by freedom fighters and politicians in the US, which he said was an important part of the fight for justice. “The decision is a step in the right direction,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement.

During the trial, Nelson also said that the judges could take into account the findings of the case, as well as political comments on the possible consequences of the ruling.

Judge Cahill was he denied the allegations but asked the judges to avoid watching the case. The law was adopted after the final cases were filed.

In his response Tuesday, Nelson said he had ruled the case, had been compelled, and / or failed to comply with court orders, although the explanation did not include details of this.

The brief did not name recent reports that one of the courts participated in the August 28 visit to Washington, DC, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The judge defended his actions, saying the ceremony was not a protest against Floyd’s death.

Mike Hanna of Al Jazeera, of Washington, DC, said Chauvin’s lawyer denied any wrongdoing in the case, including the judge refused to move from Minneapolis.

“It is now up to the Minneapolis Regional Court to decide whether to proceed with the appeal, or to investigate further,” he said.

Hanna added that the request was not unexpected, but said that “this is a very serious case that has caused a great deal of controversy, so any attempt to overturn the decision is a major public concern”.

Prosecutors last week asked the presiding judge in Chauvin’s case to consider a number of charges in sentencing a former police officer.

Minnesota attorney Keith Ellison and attorney Matthew Frank said Chauvin should be given a harsher sentence than the government said because he was in a position of authority and was abusing Floyd, who was at risk.

Attempts by the “defendant to the detriment of the plaintiff, to the detriment of Mr. Floyd’s insanity and those who stood by him,” the lawyer wrote, adding that Chauvin “did not” attempt to provide assistance to Floyd.


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