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Deadly earthquake strikes Guinea’s gold mine | News in Guinea


An oil mine in the Siguiri area on the Mali border collapsed on Saturday and killed the people immediately, according to a local councilor.

At least 15 people have been killed in a swamp at a gold mine in Guinea northeast of the Siguiri region, according to officials, while Sabbath rescuers continued digging for debris in search of survivors.

An oil mine near the village of Tatakourou collapsed on Saturday, killing the victims immediately, Sekou Biniou Simagan, a local councilor, said.

The bodies of 15 miners, both men and women between the ages of 14 and 40, were retrieved on Saturday evening. They were buried in mass graves after funeral rites.

Sinaman Traore, a gold miner, said he saw volunteers rescuing two of his friends.

The West African country has been involved in a number of accidents at oil mines, most notably around Siguiri near the border with Mali, an area where more than 20,000 gold miners are legally employed.

At least 17 undercover workers have been killed in an explosion in February 2019 and 14 months later.

Although the world boasts of rich resources such as bauxite, diamonds and gold, with many people facing daily hardships to survive, the UN estimates that one in two lives below the poverty line.


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