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Culture calls on the EU to prepare Scottish members | Brexit News


Writers, students, musicians and actors want proof of membership in the EU if Scotland voted for independence.

Cultural leaders from the European Union and the United Kingdom have called on Brussels to pave the way for Scotland to return to the bloc, while many will accept Scottish independence.

In an open letter published online on Thursday by the European Union for Scotland, more than 180 people from the UK and all 27 EU countries urged European officials to “provide a clear and open demonstration” before casting an independent vote.

“We want the people of Scotland to know that whites everywhere can be accepted into the European Union if these are their democratic ideals,” said the letter, which was also translated into several other European languages.

Overall, a minority in the UK voted for Brexit in 2016, but in Scotland, 62% of the majority preferred to remain in the coalition.

Push the second referendum

Divorce is seen by many in Scotland as an incitement against their will.

Brexit has called for a run-off election in less than a decade since 55% of Scots voted against participating in the 2014 referendum, which was cited as a “one-generation” poll.

The re-launch conference is chaired by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who heads the Holyrood government and the Scottish National Party (SNP).

A recent poll says most Scots now prefer independence independence after Brexit, with the issue expected to take the lead in Holyrood elections next month which is expected to save the SNP.

Sturgeon says Scotland could move to the EU under their leadership if the second independent referendum withdraws the vote to leave the UK – making each inquiry into a double referendum.

But his views were opposed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who opposed giving Scotland a second independent vote. Prosecution investigations may require signing from Westminster.

‘Choosing between two organizations’

In recognition of the “crisis”, an open letter signed by 182 people – including Italian writer Elena Ferrante, English writers Ian McEwan and Neil Gaiman, Scottish actor Brian Cox and English singer Brian Eno – said the EU should “support democratic elections in Scotland about their future. ”I urge Brussels to act in accordance with the” unprecedented “situation in the country.

“The usual way is for the EU to respond to the request for membership only after it comes from an independent country,” it said.

“Scotland should be treated differently. Although it is legal in the UK, the Scottish government cannot negotiate with the EU. But the EU could say that, because Scotland was already part of the EU, once it became legally and democratically independent, it should not invite new ‘candidates.

“Instead, the EU and its member states should provide an opportunity for a common ground – a unique concept that is in line with Scotland’s unique conditions.”

The letter also urged the commission to provide further information in Scotland before voting for a second term.

This reflects the willingness from Brussels to support the country’s economy through the “critical months” of reforms before returning to the EU, the letter said.

“This is an important issue because it will make every referendum election a free, fair and democratic election in Scotland between two organizations, the EU or the UK.”

Al Jazeera contacted the SNP and the UK government office at the Secretary of State for Scotland to explain the letter.

The Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland declined to comment. The SNP had not yet responded at the time of publication.


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