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Cuba blames US for ‘disrupting’ protest protests ahead of | Opposition Articles

Cuba staged protests that did not take place in July due to rising commodity prices, food shortages and US sanctions.

Cuba has criticized the United States for trying to disrupt the island, with Cuban opposition groups planning to hold protests next week despite a government ban.

Critics detained in Cuba say they have ignored the ban on reform and the violence taking place in Havana and six other states on Monday.

The earth shook rare human protests in July, when demonstrations took to the streets for two days anger on rising living prices, food shortages and the US ban, among other problems.

On Wednesday, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said the government would not allow “the persistence of the United States government, their strong and persistent efforts …

Last month, Cuba rejected a call from protesters, saying the so-called “Civic March for Change” would be a “US-sponsored” initiative aimed at leading a change of government.

“There have been 29 voices from the United States government and dignitaries at this national conference since September 22 alone … all of which were aimed at strengthening, guiding, and initiating national reform,” Rodriguez said.

The state attorney general’s office in Havana has warned organizers of the “criminal consequences” they face if they continue with their intentions – but protesters are still on their knees and have promised to stage protests.

Monday’s protests coincide with Cuba reopening its tourism and primary schools section after months of unrest due to COVID-19 epidemic, when the capital celebrates its 502th anniversary.

Boma announced will do an annual workout on Monday, as well.

Michael Bustamante, a Cuban scholar at the University of Miami, said the timing of the protests could explain “the depth of how the government responds”.

“This is a time when Cuba wants to change what has been a very bad year …” he told Reuters.

Cuban officials trial many people in connection with the demonstrations that took place on July 11 and 12.

Hundreds of people were arrested during the protests and many were charged with insulting, public disorder, vandalism and the distribution of corona virus for traveling without masks. At least one person died in the two days of the riot.

The regime of US President Joe Biden he was given new punishments in Cuba following protests.

“We hear the cry for freedom from the island. “The United States is taking action to strengthen the Cuban people,” Biden said at the beginning of a White House meeting with Cuban Americans in late July.

Upcoming demonstrations on the island are being staged on Facebook by the Archipelago group, which claims to have about 20,000 members, most of whom live abroad.

On Wednesday, Rodriguez, the foreign minister, also said on Facebook he assisted the protesters by allowing the groups to test for a greater presence on the island.

Rodriguez told a group of foreign diplomats in Havana that critics on Facebook groups had violated social media principles by “changing algorithms, changing geolocation methods to reflect the greater presence of Cubans in accounts that are known to live abroad. and especially in Florida and in the US ”.

Rodriguez said the practice violates US and international law. “As in the past, Facebook may be severely criticized for following the rules, for doing so against Cuba,” he said.

Facebook, which recently changed its company name to Meta, did not respond promptly to Reuters’ request for comment.

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