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‘Corona Devi’: Indian priests pray for mercy from COVID ” goddess’ Coronavirus News Plague

Two ‘Corona Devi’ statues have been set up south of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu district as the country struggles with new diseases.

Hindu priests at a temple in India pray daily for two coronaviruses to fight the epidemic as the country grapples with new diseases.

Two “Corona Devi” statues have been set up in the southern city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu state, which was hit hard by an explosion that has killed 100,000 people nationwide in the past four weeks.

India on Thursday recorded 211,298 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while the death toll from COVID-19 rose by 3,847.

The total number of cases in South Asia is now at 27.37 million, with a total death toll of 315,235, according to a study by the Ministry of Health.

The temple of Kamatchipuri Adhinam has been closed to worshipers due to the spread of Coimbatore’s disease but the priests pay tribute to the goddesses, one made of sandalwood and the other stone.

They give up food and other offerings, pray prayers for an end to the plague, and wash the idols with water and milk.

“We have also had temples similar to smallpox, smallpox and plague in the past,” said temple superintendent Anandbharathi K.

“We worship the virus as a goddess and we pray to her every day to reduce the risk of the disease,” she added.

Despite declining numbers in India, the 1.3 billion people are shocked by the recent wave of epidemics, which have flooded hospitals and caused severe air and drug shortages.

“Even doctors cannot cope with the growing problem. That is why we will turn to faith in God as a last resort, “said Anandbharathi.

Priests plan to continue their prayers at the “Corona Devi” idols for another seven weeks.

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