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Colonial lying ‘freedom of defense’ | The conflict between Israel and Palestine


The disturbing violence in the Middle East has produced shocking images and statistics. I am writing this, at least 160 people, most of them Palestinians, including at least 41 children – most of them Palestinians – have been killed as Israeli troops storm the Gaza Strip and Palestinian forces throw stones at Israeli cities. Meanwhile, civil unrest has broken out in Israel.

In response, Western governments, led by US President Joe Biden, have been quick to condemn Palestinian groups for rocket launches, but have been very cautious about opposing Israel’s Israeli occupation.

The sad words of “frustration” and “deep concern” at the death of Palestine were incorporated into the phrase “unwaveringly supporting Israel’s security and the legitimate right of Israel”. He also included calls for “moral clearness”, meaning that what the Palestinian forces did, although it did little to kill and the devastation caused by the Israeli bombing, was highly controversial.

While some progressive politicians – such as the United States Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – have exposed the false claims of Israeli self-defense, they are also challenging the reality of justice in Israel.

Prisoners have long had the “right” to defend themselves against civilian complaints, including mass murder. The history of African colonists has been filled with the corpses and graves of many of those who fought against the great Europeans.

In her book, British Gulag, historian Caroline Elkins describes a “deadly campaign” by British colonialists in Kenya after the Mau Mau terrorist attacks of the 1950s, including the establishment of concentration camps. 1.5 million ordinary Kikuyu people and the brutal treatment of concentration camps that could have killed tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of those who were suspected of plotting rebellion.

The notion that land grabbers have the right to torture, torture, torture and kill those who use their land for “self-defense” flies before UN General Assembly Resolution 37/43 of 1982 which recognizes the legitimacy of the struggle for independence, territorial integrity, international cooperation and liberation from colonial and foreign rule and foreign occupation by all means, including war. ”The Declaration reaffirmed this right in the struggle against Palestine.

As a result, today in Gaza, instead of seeking “moral clarity”, white people are using moral pressure to justify attacks on refugees and deportees, detaining them, especially in prisons, and then claiming to have the right to do so. this peacefully and peacefully.

When Western journalists talk about “progressive growth”, they equate oppression and resistance to oppression, portraying violence as a conflict between the two sides and claiming security and land. It ignores the Palestinian people’s struggle for international rights against years of illegal occupation and sex, and establishes a racist government, according to Human Rights Watch, a press release said. he denies it directly, says it is in line with the definition of a global racist crime.

In interviews, Israeli spokespersons repeatedly emphasize the dangers that Israel claims to be the “best military force in the world” in finding and killing what Palestinian opposition leaders, who claim, are hiding behind ordinary citizens.

Western journalists are happy to acknowledge that Hamas leaders and other groups are legitimate, and this, means that even though its actions may be illegal, Israel is still waging a legitimate war. This unconventional acceptance makes Western journalists a part of the Palestinian power to resist colonial rule and occupy the state of Israel.

As Ocasio-Cortez pointed out, reiterating the line that “Israel has the right to self-defense” without including that oppression only justifies and allows oppression. But he had to go beyond that. If Western journalists, politicians and spies really want to understand moral values, they should reject it altogether, such as burning oil and ignoring it, the frustrating notion that colonial powers such as Israel have the right to defend themselves against their oppressors.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.


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