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Clubhouse Launches Android Beta as iOS Downloads Nosedive


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The good news: Clubhouse social network launches Android app in just one year of iOS, the company announced Sunday. Bad News: Beta is only available to US users, and, like Clubhouse’s iOS version, is the only invite here. As a result, not everyone can sign up and log in to the rooms that use the app.

Download of this program they have become weak in recent months, then perhaps Clubhouse hopes that welcoming users of the world’s largest OS phone can save a go. The program continued to download 9.5 million downloads in February but jumped to about 2.7 million in March and only dropped 900,000 in April, according to Sensor Tower.

Writing on the blog on Sunday, Clubhouse said it intends to roll out the Android app slowly in some English-speaking markets and then around the world. For those outside the US, you can sign up to access the Clubhouse page on the Google Play store for help when the app becomes available near you.

“Our plan in the next few weeks is to get ideas from the community, fix any problems we see and work to add some final ones like paying and setting up clubs before we publish them too much,” the company said.

In the summer, Clubhouse is also planning to welcome millions of iOS users who have been on the iOS status list because it supports architecture, which includes expanding language support and adding additional features.

Clubhouse discount prices may drop for a number of reasons. Some experts say so trained that the only public hearing may have been during the epidemic that helped people to feel connected when they were in their homes. Vaccines are coming out and many areas in the US are reopening, perhaps with more people joining in private today, leaving the Clubhouse in the dust. It is possible that interest is declining as a result any other professional giant has released or cooked up a copycat program to participate in during the audio hype.

Another possibility: Two highs security snafus hit the company in February amid a flood of celebrities and celebrities, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. In a blog post on Sunday, Clubhouse admitted it is struggling to meet the size of its platform earlier this year.

“Earlier this year, Clubhouse began to grow faster, with people around the world starting to call each other faster than we expected. has led us to prioritize hiring, organizing, and manufacturing companies, rather than the community and the things we like to think about. ”

The clubhouse looks like a flash in the pan experts think it could be, but who knows, maybe this much-anticipated launch on Android is changing things. We have to wait and see.


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