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China says 89 cases of COVID-19 are growing | Corona virus epidemic


China also reported 89 new cases of COVID-19 on November 7 compared to 74 in the previous day, its health officials said on Monday.

Of these new infections, 65 are contagious, according to the National Health Commission, compared with 50 the previous day.

More than half of these new cases were found in the states of Liaoning and Henan.

China also reported 46 new asymptomatic patients, who were isolated with confirmed cases, compared with 35 the previous day.

There were no new deaths, leaving 4,636 people unchanged.

China has developed a number of measures to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic [FILE: EPA-EFE/Alex Plavevski]

Disease has skyrocketed in recent days, with officials reporting 36 new cases on November 5 and 28 new cases. Mainland China had 97,823 people who confirmed all cases of coronavirus as of November 7.

More than 800 communicable diseases in the area with definite symptoms were reported since mid-October in 19 states, which led to the development of ways to address tourism and respite businesses under Beijing’s zero tolerance policy.


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