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Tianzhou-2 is the second of 11 missions needed to complete China’s first mission.

China has been able to successfully deploy cargo ships to complete the rotating phase, the second phase of the mission required to complete its permanent location.

The Tianzhou-2, or Chinese Space Ship, was shot down by a long-range Marichi-7 Y3 rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the southern island of Hainan in the South China Sea, China Manned Space Engineering Office said on Saturday.

Tianzhou-2 is the second of 11 meetings needed to complete China’s first self-employment initiative in 2022, following the adoption of an important part Tianhe at the end of April.

Tianhe, or Heavenly Alliance, is the third and largest station operated by China’s most ambitious program.

The space for the three modules has competed with the only service station, the International Space Station (ISS), which is supported by countries including the United States, Russia and Japan.

China was banned from participating in the ISS and the US. Washington is wary of the secrecy surrounding the Chinese program and its connections with the military.

The Tianzhou-2 will pass independently of the port by Tianhe, which will provide the requirements for future experts as well as a guide to maintain its altitude.

The launch of the rocket was modified this month due to technology, state media has said.

The first Tianzhou-1 cargo ship was sent to resume the storage facility – Tiangong-2 – three times in 2017, as an experiment of the technologies needed to assist in the construction of the station.

Both the Tiangong-2 and the former Tiangong-1 test site have been relocated in recent years.

Next year, China will launch two more modules – Wentian and Mengtian – using the Long March 5B, which is its largest and most powerful carrier.

The rocket, which can send 25 tons of payloads into the earth’s crust, was a shock in early May when it re-entered the air after giving Tianhe a run on the road.

Press reports warned of “uncontrolled” rocket entry, reviving the trash memory of the first Long March 5B flight in May 2020, which destroyed homes on arrival in Ivory Coast.

The remains of the rocket eventually collapsed illegally in the Indian Ocean, but China blamed it for not making it public when it was time to recycle and predict its arrival.

From June to 2022, four passenger aircraft and four cargo planes will also be supported, with small rockets of Long March-7 and 2F, with the world’s lowest tonnage of 14 tons and 8.8 tons, respectively.

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